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We have everything you need to keep your home dry, healthy, and odor-free!


Fast Track Basement De-Watering Systems

The right basement de-watering system will keep your basement dry and odor free for years. That’s why it’s so important to choose a company who understands the engineering behind water drainage. We design basement de-watering systems with the Drain Main and Fast Track drainage system shown here. Not only does it divert water away from your home, it is a complete gas, mildew, and radon free system design. For best results, include a basement dehumidifier to ensure your basement has clean air without dust, mold, or mildew. Average job cost is $3500 to $8000. Cost may vary on project needs.

Alliance Waterproofing of MI LLC offers a lifetime transferrable warranty on all drain systems.*

Drain Main Basement De-Watering Systems

Drain Main Basement System’s innovational design integrates the reliable baseboard style system with the tried-and-true subfloor drain tile system in one product. Drain Main Basement System’s open back design allows water to enter the channel for the full length of joint where the footing and walls meet. Unlike other systems that restrict water intake to holes punched in the back channel.

Drain Main Basement System’s front toe channel collects water directly under concrete seam keeping the seam between the old and new concrete bone dry after installation. 
The 3 ridged spacers along the backside fin of the Drain Main Basement System catches water that may come down the wall from a crack or window well and channels it into the the system. Drain Main collects water seepage from the primary sources and quietly drains it away to the sump pump system leaving a bone dry basement.

Alliance Waterproofing of MI LLC offers a lifetime transferrable warranty on all drain systems.*


Drain Tile vs Fast Track vs Drain Main

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Fast Track Basement System out performs old-fashioned 6-inch corrugated drain tile pipe in flow rates, labor times and installation efficiency. Corrugated pipes store huge amounts of water before they could begin to flow to the sump pump. To offset this design flaw, waterproofers would buy smaller and smaller diameter corrugated pipe. Still these smaller corrugated pipes would store water in dips and valley of the corrugation creating stagnate water. The high efficiency design of the Fast Track Main Sections begin to deliver water to the sump pump with a fraction of the water needed for a corrugated pipe system to drain. 

Fast Track Main Sections are able to deliver water much faster to the sump pump because of its inverted design. The bottom of the Main Sections are narrower than the top, which is key to creating fast and efficient water flow. As water enters the channel only a small amount of water is need to build height and water being self-leveling is always seeking the lowest point, which is the sump pit. This kind of efficiency drains gallons and gallons of water to the sump pump system hours before old-fashioned drain tile systems deliver their first gallon. 

Fast Track installation is similar to drain tile with the exception of the depth and width of the trench. Only 4 inches of depth and 4 inches of width is need for installation of the Fast Track Basement System. 

The Fast Track System uses the same lumber dimensions as a 2×4 stud. Each section is a rigid 6-foot long channel and snaps together using our Snap-Joint Connectors. Corners are universal, which means they work as and inside or outside corners. Fast Track is a complete system and includes Sump Drops connection and Tees. Inspection Ports can be added anywhere in the installation offering easy access should service be needed.

Custom Engineered Basement De-Watering Systems

Fast Track is our most versatile basement de-watering system. Fast Track is a hybrid, new generation drain tile. Fast Track Basement System requires half the work of drain tile and runs faster and more efficiently. 

Alliance Waterproofing of MI LLC offers a lifetime transferrable warranty on all drain systems.*

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